Rock Star Vendors

Answer this easy questionnaire to find out how close YOU are to becoming a rock star vendor. Give yourself one point for each 'Yes' answer.
1. Do you currently participate in flea markets, vintage fairs, antique shows or junk events?
2. Do you have photos of your previous selling set-ups?
3. Are you on social media (Facebook or Instagram or Etsy)?
4. Do you currently sell in any form besides markets? (Store/Shop, Facebook, Etsy)?
5. Does your garage (or a room in your house) have only one single path thru clutter?
6. Are your items primarily vintage, antiques, salvage, or project pieces?
7. Do you have a fan base? (customers, a following, regular customers, fans?)
8. If you see a garage sale, estate sale, auction sign or a goodwill... do you stop?
9. Do you often have trouble parting with some of your favorite finds or items?
10. Do you like to have fun?
Total your points.
Use the answer key below to find out how close you are to becoming a Rock Star vendor.
0-3 points ...... GROUPIE STATUS
Take up guitar lessons:
Try a few local junk/selling events. Shop vintage and antique stores. Have a yard sale.
4-6 points ...... OPENING ACT
Sing in front of an audience a few more times: T
ry selling online. Read flea market magazines. Attend at least two big/ regional shows this season.
7-9 points ...... HEADLINER
Record Deal headed your way:
Never pass up a good auction or junking opportunity. Be hungry and competitive for sales. Work on your staging and presentation. 
10 points ...... ROCK STAR
No autographs please:
You most likely have a bruise that you have no idea where it came from. (probably from moving furniture) You understand the term 'Junk Drunk' and often have junk hangovers too. Wear the title (or most likely, a vintage concert tee) proudly.